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U.S. Drops Charges Against Turkish Security Accused Of Attacking American DemonstratorsThe U.S. has dropped criminal charges against nearly all of the Turkish

3/22/2018 6:58:35 PM

Autopsies Being Performed on Family of 4 Found Dead in MexicoAuthorities said they found no trace of violence on the bodies or signs of forced entry.

3/22/2018 10:00:00 PM

Austin Bomber's Recording Says He's Not Sorry, May Be A 'Psychopath'The Texas man suspected of creating a series of bombs that terrorized the

3/22/2018 8:15:00 PM

US schools arm students and teachers with buckets of rocks to protect against shootersStudents in one US school district are being armed with rocks to defend themselves during a mass shooting. Five-gallon buckets of river stone have been placed in 200 classrooms across the Blue Mountain School District in Pennsylvania. “If an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance, they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks, and they will be stoned,” said superintendent David Helsel.

3/24/2018 11:39:49 AM

Roy Moore supporters tried to buy off his accuser’s lawyer using 10,000 dollars and Steve BannonA jaw dropping new storyline surrounding last year’s Alabama special election ties Steve Bannon and Breitbart to a plot aimed to undermine Leigh Corfman’s accusations on Roy Moore

3/23/2018 3:07:58 PM

Poisoned Russian spy wrote to Putin asking to be pardoned, friend claimsThe former Russian double agent left close to death after a nerve agent attack in Salisbury had written to President Vladimir Putin asking to be pardoned and to be allowed to visit his home country, a friend has claimed. Vladimir Timoshkov, a friend of Sergei Skripal, said he regretted having spied for the British and wanted to return to Russia to visit his family. In 2006 Colonel Skripal was jailed by the Russian for selling secrets to MI6 and came to Britain in 2010 as part of a spy swap, setting up home in Salisbury. He remains in a critical condition with his daughter Yulia, three weeks after they were poisoned with the highly lethal nerve agent Novichok. The attempted assassination sparked a diplomatic crisis between Russia and Britain. On Friday, EU leaders promised an "unprecedented" diplomatic response to the attack after backing Theresa May's assertion that Moscow was responsible. According to Mr Timoshkov, who says he had known him since school, Col Skripal, 66, did not see himself as a traitor as he had sworn an oath to the former Soviet Union. "Many people shunned him. His classmates felt he had betrayed the Motherland," he told the BBC. "In 2012 he called me. We spoke for about half an hour. He called me from London. “He denied he was a traitor... (he told me) he wrote to Vladimir Putin asking to be fully pardoned and to be allowed to visit Russia. His mother, brother and other relatives were (in Russia)." Profile | Sergei Skripal In what is being interpreted as a cynical move Russia's ambassador to the UK sent his well wishes to Mrs Skripal and his daughter on Friday, saying he hoped for their recovery. Alexander Yakovenko also wrote to Wiltshire Police detective sergeant Nick Bailey, who was left seriously ill after he was exposed to the poison as he went to the aid of the Skripals. Detectives are still trying to established whether the nerve agent which left the Skripals fighting for their lives was inserted into Col Skripal’s car or unwittingly brought from Russia to Britain by Yulia in her suitcase, possibly secreted in a present or item of clothing. On Friday, police in protective suits and gas masks removed the bench where former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with nerve agent in Salisbury Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/LNP On Friday police officers in chemical protection suits removed the bench onto which Skripals collapsed shortly after leaving Zizzi’s restaurant in Salisbury following the attack. It is understood the bench has been taken to the Ministry of Defence’s Porton Down laboratory for closer examination. The move signals the beginning of the end of the overtly visible part of the investigation into who targeted the Skripals, how they did it and, crucially, on whose orders. About | Novichok agent It came as a relief to the people of Salisbury. “I’m so glad to see it go,” said Jennifer McMenamin, 66, a school cleaner from Salisbury, who joined a small group of shoppers to watch. “To think what happened to those poor people on that bench. It makes you wonder what else goes on in the world. “Perhaps Salisbury can start getting back to normal now. It’s been like a ghost town since it happened.” Scotland Yard said: “The park  bench that Sergei and Yulia Skripal were sitting on when they were found unwell in Salisbury is being removed to preserve it as a potential crime exhibit as part of the investigation into the attempted murder.” On hearing it had been taken away one nearby cafe owner said simply: "It's gone? Thank God for that."

3/24/2018 4:17:51 AM

FBI seeks motive for fiery van crash at California air baseROSEVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Investigators are working around the clock as they struggle to determine why a man with no apparent ties to terrorism drove a flaming minivan full of propane tanks and gasoline cans through the main gate of a major Northern California Air Force Base this week.

3/24/2018 2:21:54 AM

Tumblr Deletes 84 Accounts 'Linked To Russian Government'Tumblr deleted 84 accounts that it says were linked to the Russian Internet

3/23/2018 12:07:01 PM

Taiwan says should educate its youth on dangers of ChinaTaiwan should educate its youth about the risks presented by China where there is neither freedom nor democracy, Taiwan's main body in charge of policy making toward its giant neighbor said on Friday. China has been increasing its efforts to win over young Taiwanese, a key demographic to reach out to amid souring political relations between Beijing and Taipei, including offering incentives to set up businesses in China. China claims Taiwan as its sovereign territory and considers people from the self-ruled island to be Chinese citizens.

3/23/2018 4:15:33 AM

Too old for 2020? Trump, Biden, Bernie and the politics of ageWill young voters, mobilized by the movement that has sprung up in response to the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., turn out for candidates well into their 70s?

3/23/2018 3:00:55 AM